Because life's more fun when you're wearing an apron...

Because life's more fun when you're wearing an apron...

Who doesn't love an adorable apron? We definitely do! And we want to share with you how we made ours.  Both patterns are totally made up (because that's how we roll). 

Sophia needed aprons for her cute, little preschoolers to wear last year.  So she shopped the thrift stores and found a like-new, super soft bed sheet. She also bought some white bias tape to go around the edges and create the neck hole and tie in the back.  Super easy!  

She started by creating a pattern out of butcher paper, cutting it to the preferred shape and size.  She had many little assistants to help with the sizing part. She also cut a pattern for a pocket.  After tracing the pattern onto the fabric sheet, she cut out all her pieces.  She cut the pockets extra large in order to line the stripes up just right. She sewed a finished edge along the top of each pocket. Once the pockets were lined up with the body pieces, she pinned them together and trimmed off the excess fabric.  She used three pieces of bias tape per apron.  First, a strip was pinned and sewn across the top of the apron along the chest. Next came the strip running from one pit along the bottom up to the other pit.  Finally she added the longest strip going along the arm areas, creating a neck hole and leaving extra tape hanging at each end.   There was more than enough fabric to make 8 adorable aprons.  And it cost right around $12.00!  

Just the right size.

Ready for cooking and crafting!

And just perfect for Sophia's preschool uniform! 

Mary's boys love to cook and paint, so things get messy.  Most aprons she found were girly, so she let her boys go to the fabric store and pick out fun fabric for their own aprons. They chose to make them reversible and had a lot of fun finding just the right fabrics.  They also picked out coordinating bias tape for the head hole and ties. She bought 3/4 yard of each fabric, but if your print can go either way, you can use much less. 

Mary helped the boys measure and cut a pattern from butcher paper and then cut both sides to their aprons. 

She let the boys design their own pockets and put them where they wanted them. After sewing the two pieces that made the pocket the boys turned them right side out, Mary pressed them, and had them pin them to one apron piece. 


Once the pockets were sewn on, the two pieces of the aprons were pinned with fronts facing each other. The two sides of the apron were sewn together while leaving an opening for turning them out.

They were turned out and pressed again.

She pinned the bias tape up one side under the arm and down the other, leaving enough of a loop to slide over their big kid heads and long ends at the waist to tie the apron on.


Once the tape was sewn on, Mary's boys were ready to get messy.

Just in time for their first cooking class at The Tiny Kitchen.

Whether they're cooking in the kitchen, getting messy with paints, or helping in the garden, aprons add something special and also keep kids a little more tidy. Although our aprons may look different, we have to agree, life is more fun when you're wearing an apron.

-Sophia & Mary