Giving Compliments

Giving Compliments

In a house of boys sometimes we forget to talk about how we feel.  Recently we were discussing how we can show love and I realized we could really work on how often (or actually how little) we give genuine compliments. What better place to start than at home. Sophia gave me the great idea of making a compliment jar.

This is how it works:

I came up with a list of compliments that we put into a jar. 

Every day we each pull a compliment out and look for an opportunity to give that compliment to someone. Not only are we giving compliments more, but we are also looking for the good in each other.

Here is what I hope to achieve:

As we look for the good in each other we will more naturally find nice things to say to each other.  After a month of this experiment I hope that the compliments will begin to be more organic and we will find that we express love in meaningful ways.

Feel free to join us! Print the ideas I have come up with or make up your own.  Let me know if you join us in this experiment. I'd love to hear how it goes for you. 

Happy Complimenting!!