Art and Music: Fourth of July

Art and Music: Fourth of July

We try to get together weekly to share our love for art and music with our kids. Sophia's kids call it Friday School while Mary's boys call it Art and Music Day.  Here is what we were up to on Friday.

This is the Pledge of Allegiance sung to a tune that was written by my kids a couple years ago. They sing it every morning before we start school for the day. I love how putting words to a tune instantly makes it more memorable and fun.

This week we made some firework inspired art.  We used cut paper tubes, plastic forks, and fingers to apply red, white, and blue tempera paint to a black background.

These firework pictures were a fun way to get excited about our upcoming Fourth of July celebrations and celebrate our freedom and independence.

Happy Independence Day! 

-Sophia and Mary


We love getting our kids together to learn and explore with music and art.  As we share our ideas and adventures in art and music we welcome your ideas and suggestions too.