Thrifty Thursday: The Art of Thrift Store Shopping

Thrifty Thursday:  The Art of Thrift Store Shopping

Today I headed to the Thrift Store in hopes of finding some new items for my wardrobe.  I feel it was a major success!  I'm going to share some of today's finds, along with some tips that might help you on your next thrift store adventure.  

First of all, I was able to walk away from the thrift store today with enough pieces to create at least 20 new outfits.  Here's the breakdown...2 dresses ($10.48), 6 t-shirts ($8.94), 3 button-up shirts ($7.64), 4 pairs of pants ($20.36), 2 sweaters ($8.38), 2 belts ($5.58), & 1 cardigan ($4.19).  Grand total for all 20 pieces = $65.60.

Wow!!! I knew I was good at this, but I totally scored today.  It helped that it was 50% off all summer items today, plus I got an additional 30% off of all the other items. Savings galore!

TIP #1:  Have a plan.  Know what you're looking for before you walk in, because it is so easy to get distracted in thrift stores.  For instance, today I knew that I wanted some new jeans. Particularly ones with color.  I pinned a picture on Pinterest of an outfit that I liked and had that photo in mind as I shopped.  

Pretty darn close!  Graphic tee, denim button-up, & colored jeans.  All very versatile items as well.

TIP #2: Keep it simple.  The more basic your wardrobe, the easier it is to mix and match and get more bang for your buck.  Every T-shirt I bought can be paired with any pair of pants and any button-up shirt.  This can be the trickiest part, but you'll get better at it over time. Right now I'm loving T-shirts and simple!  Then I can add any button-up, cardigan, etc. to give it a different feel.  Also, this style makes for a smooth transition into fall.  Swap out your sandals for short booties and add a sweater and you're set.   

TIP #3: Try everything on.  This may gross you out if thrift stores are new to you, but it is very necessary. Wear tight underclothes if you're worried about the germs from used clothing. You want to make sure everything you buy fits your body well, otherwise it's a waste of time and money.  For example, I tried on approximately 50 items today, but only went home with 20. You need to go through that narrowing down process.  It's a very important step when it comes to saving.  

Plus if you take your kiddos with you they may want to help pick some clothing they think you really really really need!  Trying it on for them may be all it takes to please them.    

Oh yes!  The 4yo HAD to see this on Mommy.  And I must admit, I was tempted to actually buy it.  But, alas, it did not make the cut.  

TIP #4:   Make it fun with some color.  I tend to find things in neutral colors in order to mix and match easier, and simply because I'm very "plain Jane" so I am drawn to things that are gray, brown, and blue.  I've come home from the thrift store in the past with so many bland pieces that I begin to feel boring.  So.....choose something bright and fun every once in a while.  Today it was a bright orange pair of pants and a color-block style silk dress.  

These orange pants paired with an oversized boyfriend t-shirt totally work for me.  

This dress is so silky and flowy and comfy!  And it pairs nicely with the belts I picked up.  It looks great with my flat sandals, or wooden wedges for the summer time.  And then it will also look nice with a pair of boots this fall/winter.  


TIP #5:  Remember what you love.  There are a few things that I'm constantly looking for.  I keep those things in the back of my mind when I'm at the thrift stores.  Like plain, fitted sweaters.  They are a staple for me.  And they can be super expensive when purchased brand new.  Today I happened upon a forest green one that I snatched up and will save for this fall.  

TIP #6:  Size doesn't matter at thrift stores.  Don't limit yourself to the section that claims to be your size.  Look through it all.  For example, when shopping for jeans I always start a few sizes bigger than my "normal" size and work my way all the way through the isle to the pants that are a few sizes smaller.  I bought 4 pairs of pants today and each pair has a different size on the tag.  Yet they all fit. 

TIP #7: You don't HAVE to buy something.  If you don't LOVE anything, don't buy anything.  I absolutely love shopping thrift stores for my wardrobe. It is something I've done since middle school and I intend to do it until the day I die.  But before I'm a thrift store shopper, I'm a minimalist.  I have had many shopping trips that left me coming home empty handed. And that's OK. Only buy what you love.  Period.  

I had so much fun today shopping and dressing up.  I hope I've inspired you to go on an inexpensive shopping spree at your local thrift shop.  Remember these tips and you'll be a thrifting pro!

If you have some great thrift store finds or tips please share them with us.