Getting Crafty: 2 Hour Dress

Getting Crafty: 2 Hour Dress

Do you ever feel crafty, but you don't want to start something that will take forever to finish? Here's a project that can be made in one afternoon. 

I love fast results and often that means no pattern.  This dress has raw edges,  purposely exposed and uneven stitching, and is totally comfortable.  It is easy to duplicate and you can throw one together that is made to fit you.

I started with some jersey knit fabric that had been lying around waiting to be used for something cute.  I grabbed a shirt that I like the fit of and I got to it.

I folded the fabric over twice and laid my t-shirt folded in half along the fold of the fabric.  I wanted the dress to be slightly bigger than the shirt and much longer.  By folding the fabric twice I was able to cut out a front and back at the same time. Remember to take seam allowance into consideration, you will lose about half an inch on each side.

I wanted to extend the length and also add a little more style to the dress, so I added a strip of fabric with the stripes going in the opposite direction to the bottom of the front and back pieces of the dress.

I sewed the strip onto the dress by pinning it under the raw edge of the bottom of the dress.  I stitched two slightly wavy lines in brown thread to add some contrast and fun. You could get really creative here, adding a couple strips, using a zigzag stitch, or a really bright thread. The possibilities are endless.

I wanted to leave the hemline, neck and sleeves raw, so I got to work matching the stripes together and stitched the front to the back, right sides facing each other.


After sewing the sides together, I sewed the shoulder seams as well, and turned the dress right side out.

Next, I trimmed the bottom to the length I wanted and cut the neckline to a comfortable fit, go ahead and try the dress on to get a custom neckline and hemline. I added stitching along the neckline to match the stitching at the bottom of the dress.

For a 2 hour project this dress turned out to be cuter than I expected.  This was my trial run, and I can see myself making variations of this dress in the future.  I'm hoping to grab some heavier solid jersey knit to make a couple more, maybe in some fun fall colors to pair with boots. There are endless possibilities for variations.  This was definitely a fun project and a great experiment.

If you have been wanting to sew something for yourself, but patterns intimidate you, try your hand at this dress.  With the raw edges and funky details, you can't go wrong.