The Art of Symmetry

A discussion about math in nature led to the topic of symmetry in the human body. Of course that led to an art project.

We talked about the fact that although our faces have symmetrical features, they are not perfectly symmetrical. We wondered what our faces would look like if they were perfectly symmetrical.  We took pictures of each others' faces and printed them up.  We drew a line of symmetry and cut our pictures in half.  After taping them (tape runner for the win) onto fresh sheets of paper, we each attempted to draw a symmetrical copy to create an entire face.

This was a good exercise in patience and attention to detail.  My older boys used tools to measure distances and curves to get their drawings more accurate. 


I was impressed with their work. This was a fun way to incorporate math into our art ... or art into our math.  Either way, the result was an educational and fun experience.



Have you ever incorporated two subjects into one project? Tell us about it.