Books About Brave Boys


As a mom of boys I am always in search of books that will encourage my boys to be inventive, kind, and brave. We read about people all over the world and learn from their experiences.  There is almost always a way that we can relate to the characters in the books no matter what gender or ethnicity. While we laugh and commiserate with Anne(of Green Gables), Laura (Ingalls), and Mistress Mary(The Secret Garden) and while we look up to such characters as Parvana(The Breadwinner), Julie(of the Wolves) and Karana(Island of the Blue Dolphins), sometimes boys want to read about other boys. They need to see other boys like them choose to be good in the face of danger or opposition, choose to change and better themselves, choose to be inventive and true. Girls need to read about these kinds of boys too. They need to know boys that are humble and kind, brave boys that stand up for others and look to protect those they love. It was brought to my attention recently that other moms are having a hard time finding books with great boy characters for their families to read.  Here's a list that I compiled from our own reading and from suggestions of others. I hope you find it helpful.  Please share your favorite books about brave boys in the comments below.