Farm Fresh Eggs In Beautiful Hues

We chose not to add light or heat to our coops the last couple years so that our layers get their natural break. Each year we’ve waited eagerly for Winter Solstice because it means the return of longer days, and with that extended daylight comes eggs.


We added nine hens, five ducks, and six turkeys to our flock over the last spring and summer. We chose hens specifically for their beautiful eggs, and we have not been disappointed. We are still waiting for some to start laying, but to quote my twelve-year-old son, “Our egg basket is looking more like an Easter egg basket!”

One of the most exciting surprises was the discovery of our duck eggs! Our female ducks are Magpies, but we are thinking they might have some Cayuga in there somewhere due to the dark gray of their beautiful eggs.


We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first turkey eggs and for our copper and cuckoo marans to begin laying. This year is promising to be a year of abundance.


What are your favorite eggs? Do you raise any interesting breeds of layers? We’d love to hear about them.